Efficient & Cost Effective

Helpful tips on saving energy.

  • If Your Furnace Is Over 18 Years Old Convert To A New High Efficiency Furnace And Up To 40% On Your Gas Bill
  • Make Sure To Change Your Filters When They Are Dirty. Clogged Filter Can Damage Your Furnace And Make Sure There Is A Least 9 Inches Of Insulation In Your Attic. This Will Reduce Both Your Heating And Air Conditioning Bill.
  • Make Sure Your Attic Is Well Ventilated. This Also Saves Energy
  • Install A Programmable Thermostat.
  • Check The Refrigerant Levels In Your AC Unit. An Improper Charge Uses More Energy
  • If Your AC Unit Is Over 18 Years Old, Installing A New High Efficiency Unit Can Save Up To 40% On Your Electric Bill
  • Change Your Supply Registers. Often They Are Painted Over And Air Flow Has Been Reduced. Older Registers Have Baffles Which Also Reduces Air Flow
  • Make Sure All Supplies And Returns Are Not Blocked By Furniture. This Can Greatly Reduce Performance
  • Set Your Air Conditioner To 80 Degrees When You Are Not Home. This Will Remove The Humidity And Use Less Energy. Turning The Unit Off And Then Trying To Cool Off A 90 Degree House Is Very Inefficient

Just a few simple helpful tips on how to save on your energy bill.
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